Reebok Floatride







Intermarketing agency approached us to create an animation for the international Reebok Floatride campaign. Based on Intermarketing’s brief, we created a microscopic, ethereal world representing the inside on the new Reebok sole, showing how the foam is created from a molecular level. This foam technology provides ultimate comfort, a lightweight cushioning and flexibility that helps runner “float” during their run.



JM Blay directed and designed the animation. He managed a small team who helped only in very specific moments such as a few shots of the animatic and generating some textures. He was hands-on responsible for the entire project, generating an animatic and some style frames, texturing, applying lighting and postproduction.

Animatic of Reebok Floatride.



Design and Direction: JM Blay
Creative Direction / Art Direction / Editing / VFX / 3D / Animation: JM Blay
Animation: Javi Martí
Simulation in shot 05: Marco Gifuni
Agency: Intermarketing



"JM Blay and his team created a beautiful piece for our campaign. Blay understood exactly what we were looking for and handed over exactly what we invisioned. They delivered  the video on time, on budget and with a very fluid communication during the whole  process. I would really recommend to work with Blay and his team as it was a great experience for us".
Fiona Dollan, 

Producer of Intermarketing Agency

Advertisement for Reebok Floatride


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