Dare To Roam







NYC-based agency Harper + Scott approached us to create an animation for the launch campaign of Dare to Roam (DTR), a new accessories brand specialising in antimicrobial bags founded by Ciara Princess Harris and themselves.

The idea was to create a beautiful and dynamic animation to show the antimicrobial technology used to make the bags. By infusing the textiles with titanium dioxide and silver chloride technology, they create a dependable shield that inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria, mould, and mildew, keeping their users safer for longer.



JM Blay directed and designed this animation. We had the initial idea and created a story board. After that, we created some style frames for the client and once they approved the style we moved on to the creation of the animatic.

JM was hands-on responsible for the entire project, generating the idea, the story board, an animatic and some style frames, texturing, applying lighting and postproduction; having the help of one 3D animator and a modeller for the backpack.

Story Board.

Animatic of Dare To Roam.

Making Of Dare To Roam.



Design and Direction: JM Blay
Creative Direction / Art Direction / Editing / VFX: JM Blay
3D: JM Blay & Alex Magnieto
3D bag modelling: Emmery Macsay
Audio: Resonate
Production: Blay Studio
Agency: Harper + Scott



"Impressed by Blay Studio's portfolio of work, we knew they'd be a good fit for our project. But given our tight timeline, I reached out wondering if it was even possible for us to work together. Thankfully, the team was excited to take on our project and was so organized and communicative in approach! From the onset, they devised a clear creative strategy with milestones and timeline that we stuck to every step of the way. And in the end, they turned around a beautiful project within timeline and budget.  I would definitely recommend Blay Studio for any high quality video project". 
Christine Kang
CCO of Harper + Scott
Advertisement for DTR


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