VFX Festival




Title Sequence



JM Blay directed this title sequence with the collaboration of Mill+ (The Mill). He generated the idea and led the team to bring the project to life from the initial creative concept to the final execution, ensuring that a number of unique ideas worked together in a bold and intriguing way.



In order to keep the concept firmly focused on the title of the festival, JMI had the idea to create the titles to appear as if they were a VFX breakdown though the use of transition wipes, wireframe views, and software passes, usually reserved for behind the scenes footage. These elements were then used to help build the narrative of the titles, making for a more beautiful interpretation of a VFX breakdown story.

The text appears with transition wipes over the top of the imagery to reveal multiple levels of render, as if each name is being unpeeled with every scene. There are also numerous changes to the lighting of each setting, this together with the colours, and the 3D elements, unravel at pace to create a sequence of graphic yet fluid visuals for the viewer.




Design and Direction: JM Blay
Creative Direction / Idea / Editing / Compositing: JM Blay
Production: Claire Braithwaite

3D Artists: JM Blay, Rajinder Davsi, Oliver Johnson, James Lee, Stephanie Dewhirst, Will Denning, 
Gabriel Thomas Ayache, Will Mc Neil

Motion Graphics: JM Blay, Diogo Pinheiro
Matte Painting: German Casado, Cameron Johnson, Jasmine Sarais

Text Design: Ana Bozzano

Interns: Franco Berto and Arran Birch

Colour Grading: Oisin O’Driscoll

Music & Sound Design: Pete Weitz
Production Company: Mill + / The Mill


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