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Blay Studio was commissioned to help them create several Tech Videos for the new Tempur international campaign. Tempur is well-known for its research, development, engineering, manufacture and distribution of mattresses, pillows and other sleep and relaxation products.

The challenge was to create animations to explain the concepts and features for some of their products, especially for the iconic Tempur material. A material created from NASA technology in the late 60s. NASA scientists invented a unique new material, later called memory foam, to cushion pilots against the rigours of a test flight.



The initial idea was to create two 15” animations combining different features on each video. After some considerations, there was a change of plans during pre-production. We ended up making 11 shorter animations, each featuring a specific concept or characteristic.

JM Blay directed and designed these animations with the help of two 3D animators. He was hands-on responsible for the entire project: generating the idea, the storyboard, an animatic and some style frames, texturing, applying lighting and postproduction.

Story Board of Tempur.

Making Of Tempur.



This project was featured in Stash Media:
Soft and Cushy Tempur Brand Video by Blay Studio



Design and Direction: JM Blay
Creative Direction / Art Direction / Editing / VFX: JM Blay
3D: JM Blay, Alex Magnieto & Abel Vartan
Production: Blay Studio
Agency: Dippin’Sauce



"Blay Studio was a great partner in creating the Tech Videos for Tempur. They were very versatile adapting to a change of plans during pre-production. They delivered a lot of options for each piece, beautifully crafted and very well made, explaining the product features accurately and with sleek storytelling. It was a pleasure to work with them”.
Gary Meade
Studio Director for Dippin' Sauce
Tech Videos for Tempur


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