Dust to dust




Festival Promo



JM Blay was selected to create a piece for the ‘Pause Fest Motion Response 2018’ among other nine studio/artists around the world. "Dust to Dust" is the piece he created for the occasion, it is an oneiric piece about a journey where we emerge, we evolve, change, break, put the pieces together again and keep changing and going forward until we reach our destination. This journey depicts life which is represented as a cycle, as a loop where there is no tangible destination because the destination is the journey itself.



The brief for the project was ‘journey-destination’ and he decided to create an experimental piece using his main tools: Cinema 4D and After Effects.

He started by drawing a really basic idea of the story and from there he added more and more details. JM started modelling in cinema 4D really simple models. Replacing all the shots by simple 3D models and animated 3D cameras rendered from the viewport. With this he created an animatic.

Animatic of Dust To Dust.

Reel of initial animation tests and experiments.



This project was featured in 3D Artist Magazine in a four pages feature article and several blogs on the internet.
Also, the project was displayed by WOW Media for a month on electronic billboards across Los Angeles in the US.

WOW Media electronic billboards across Los Angeles in the US.



Design and Direction: JM Blay
Creative Direction / Art Direction / Editing / VFX / 3D / Animation: JM Blay

Sound Design: Radium Audio


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