Netflix Bad Boy Billionaires




Main Title Sequence



Pebble Studios approached us to create the main titles for the Netflix Documentary Series “Bad Boy Billionaires”. The sequence needed to represent the opulence and luxury in the lives of four prominent business magnates of India, who achieved predominant success in their businesses during their lifetime before being accused of corruption.
We tried to relate each mogul with one iconic element trying to avoid Indian cliches.



JM Blay directed and designed the animation. He was hands-on responsible for the entire project, generating an animatic and some style frames, texturing, applying lighting and postproduction; having the only help of one 3D animator.
Here you can see the animatic of the project and a glitched version that was considered before the final piece.


Style Frames Story Board.

Making Of Netflix Bad Boy Billionaires.

Animatic of Netflix Bad Boy Billionaires.



Design and Direction: JM Blay
Creative Direction: Matt Beveridge (Pebble Studios) & JM Blay (Blay Studio)
Art Direction / Editing / VFX : JM Blay
3D Animation: JM Blay & Heera Taak
Agency: Pebble Studios



"I have worked with JM in a couple of projects and he's done an epic job on getting all pulled together. His work looks absolutely fantastic! And the clients always are seriously happy with all his work. It's always nice working with someone who knows what they're doing! I'd definitely work again with Blay Studio!"
Matt Beveridge,
Co-founder & Exec. CD of Pebble Studios
Title Sequence for Netflix


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